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4th WOMB Market 2022
Call for Entertainers

3rd WOMB Market Dec. 4 2019 (92).JPG.jpg
3rd WOMB Market Dec. 4 2019 (101)
3rd WOMB Market Dec. 4 2019 (98).JPG.jpg

Each year we try to bring female entertainers to the WOMB Market, both as an avenue for entertainers to showcase their skills and talent, and also to provide an atmosphere for the market vendors and participants. 

This year, we want to make a more conscious effort to have entertainers participate in the market. 

We are looking to engage entertainment groups of all types, from dance groups, singers, musicians, magicians, tap dancers, jugglers, and everyone in between.


Interested in playing at WOMB Virtual Market? Send us your performance group information, Facebook page, and samples to

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Performance Group Criteria:

Must be a female resident of Bermuda performance group must be female lead or majority female. 

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