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Welcome to the W.O.M.B Network 

A Bit of Background

W.O.M.B. Bermuda is a community for women who deal with business-basically every female!

W.O.M.B. stands for Women who Own and Manage Businesses.


After a session on Women in Entrepreneurship hosted by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation. This session, which was one of few sessions held specifically for women. After the session, I opened a Facebook group, to act as a space for female entrepreneurs and business leaders could connect and share some of the struggles, highs and lows, or managing a business as a women. The group grew to 250 in 72 hours.


Since then, I've organised a series of networking sessions intended to allow women to meet, mix, and mingle with others women without the perceived barriers of industry, class, race, or income. 


It's also a place for female run businesses to promote their business. 


On this platform, you will find information about the various events and activities being hosted for W.O.M.B. as well as a resource for female owned businesses. 


We encourage you to become a member; membership will give you access to the members only forum as well as other members-only benefits. 


When Women Support Women, we all WIN! 


Always Yours



Stephanie Lee

WOMB Administrator & Facilitator

Events & Programmes

Making A Difference

W.O.M.B. Connections

Join us for our bi-monthly networking sessions! These are great opportunities to meet, network and learn from you fellow female entrepreneurs and business leaders!

W.O.M.B Market

#WomenWednesday is the global day to support Female Driven Businesses. Be a part of the global female entrepreneurship movement either as a vendor or a shopper!

Female Entrepreneurship Awards

Acknowledging, Honouring and Celebrating the female entrepreneurs of Bermuda! 

Nominate the female entrepreneurs in your life for the Annual Female Entrepreneurship Awards!

A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.



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