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WOMB Virtual Market 2021

This year has thrown everyone for a loop, forcing businesses to get creative in how they do business and utilizing digital and online tools that previously may not have been considered mandatory to running their business. These are not usual times. Many businesses, especially those that rely on these semi-regular markets the usually occur in the spring and summer to sustain themselves for the rest of the year are facing severe challenges; others have chosen to close for a time. To help these businesses, W.O.M.B Bermuda is hosting it's first ever virtual market. We aim to bring you a diverse range of products available, coupled with being able to interact live with sellers. 

How it works: On Wednesday, December 1, from 6pm - 9pm, sign into Zoom to connect with some of your favourite vendors! You will have the choice to browse through the different room, meeting the proprieters showcasing their wares, ask questions, as you would at an in-person market, but from a computer. 


To Chat with the Vendor: endorAll vendors are required to be live and available to chat with you, potential customers on Wednesday, December 1, from 6pm - 9pm. 

To Purchase: Follow the purchase instructions as indicated by the seller. You should receive a receipt and voucher of the product/products purchased.


How Will I Get my Products: Coordinate collection/delivery between you and the seller. Additional fees at the discretion of the seller/delivery service

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